Dark Souls 2 Boss Cheat/Guide

Dark Souls 2 Boss Cheat/Guide


In this Match you would need to have tactics and and in every Boss they have special powers and every time you find a boss if you are not ready they will destroy you for sure .. there are some areas where you would need a lot of your tactics ability but here you would just need a mouse. We will give you hints and cheat mechanic that will give you the edge to have the best rewards. The software is just down below

List of Bosses:

  • The Last Giant
  • Dragonrider


  • The Rotten


  • Flexile Sentry


  • Ruin Sentinels


  • Old Dragonslayer


  • Royal Rat Vanguard


  • Skeleton Lords


  • The Pursuer


  • Belfry Gargoyles


  • Executioner’s Chariot


  • The Lost Sinner


  • Prowling Magus and the Congregation


  • Scorpioness Najka


  • The Duke’s Dear Freja


  • Covetous Demon


  • Dragonriders


  • Looking Glass Knight


  • Mytha the Baneful Queen


  • Smelter Demon


  • Old Iron King


  • Demon of Song


  • Giant Lord


  • Guardian Dragon


  • Velstadt, the Royal Aegis


  • Throne Watcher and Throne Defender


  • Nashandra (FINAL BOSS)

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