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Dragon town is associate exciting game wherever you breed your own dragons in an exceedingly fantastic world of witching islands. you’ll additionally combat against your friends in an exceedingly structure and resolve World Health Organization has the strongest team of dragons!

Join the fairytale fun and hatch a dragon egg – you ne’er understand what’s going to return out!

From Gregorian calendar month eleven, 2013, the commerce costs and time hatch of the many dragons modified, there area unit solely a couple of dragons keep there original price/time. Time hatch increased  and worth attenuated greatly. many folks still complain regarding it therefore hope Social purpose can modification them back. For now, the black texts area unit previous price/time, red texts area unit new.
Some Dragons from the Deus Vault is bought future as of might ninth,2013, or bred, if {you’re|you area unit} dragons are sturdy enough.
As of July twenty five ,2013 Dragon town additional the sunshine, War and Pure Dragons within the Store. additionally with the new component system, Pure is currently associate elemental, some rare hybrids (Poo, Pirate, Petroleum) have lost their standing and become hybrids

Dragon town may be a game we are able to play on the social networking web site Facebook. the sport is accessible for all those that have created associate account there. it’s while not a doubt a game that has gained an excellent quality among Facebook users. If you have found on our web site it implies that the road user and you furthermore mght play in Dragon town. does one wish to realize a plus over your opponents? wish to form the sport has become even easier for you? And most significantly, you save the money you’d have spent on Gems? If all of the on top of queries your answer is affirmative, then good spot. On our web site you transfer Dragon town Cheats, the appliance which will generate on your account in-game extras like Gems and ingestion completely free. simply to sort that interests you price Gems, gold or food and also the program will the remainder. In our application already uses plenty of players, that motivates North American nation to figure even additional on consecutive version of Dragon town Cheats. For all our customers, all application updates area unit in fact freed from charge. Below you’ll see the probabilities of the program.

Unlimited variety of gems, foods, and golds
quick Support
New improved look of the appliance
New engine applications
additional anonymous proxy servers that offer even larger namelessness
mounted bugs from previous versions

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