Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Cheats, Codes & Guides

Listed during this chapter, by space and neighborhood, are the Seagulls for
Liberty town.

Unlike GTA IV wherever you had to kill two hundred Flying Rats, in TLaD you merely ought to
kill fifty Seagulls. Killing all fifty Seagulls can augment your 100 percent Completion
but there are not any Accomplishments now.

The Seagulls are easier to seek out than the Flying mouses in GTA IV. Also the
entire town is totally open therefore you will do all of them right away before doing
any Main Story missions.

The Seagulls are firmly connected to no matter they are certain to in order that they will not
fly off. Like most of the on top of things they glow a bright red once you are
close enough to examine them. additionally, if you are shut however cannot see them,
you can listen for his or her squaking noises therefore you will peruse for them.

Just like in GTA IV you want to use a small-arm to kill them. though one is on
the ground close to your feet you cannot stomp them. Considering however sensitive the
Police are to the employment of unauthorized small-arm usage this could become a pain
because a number of time, once killing Seagulls, you will trigger a 1-Star wished
Rating you want to get eliminate before doing anything.

The information below wherever the sea gull is found will be softened as

–Neighborhood: What neighborhood the sea gull is found.
–Map: Map co-ordinates on the written map that comes enclosed with the
GTA IV game disc.
–Directions: a way to get there and kill them.

Entry location: Enter into your Phone
  • 625-555-0200 – Akuma (Bike)
  • 272-555-8265 – APC(Tank)
  • 359-555-2899 – Buzzard(Helicopter)
  • 468-555-0100 – Change Weather
  • 938-555-0150 – Floater(Boat)
  • 362-555-0100 – Health & Armor
  • 482-555-0100 – Health, Armor and Advanced Weapons
  • 359-555-7272 – Parachute
  • 267-555-0150 – Raise Wanted Level
  • 267-555-0100 – Remove Wanted Level
  • 486-555-2526 – Sniper rifle bullets explode
  • 359-555-0100 – Spawn Annihilator
  • 227-555-9666 – Spawn Bullet GT
  • 227-555-0142 – Spawn Cognoscenti
  • 227-555-0175 – Spawn Comet
  • 938-555-0100 – Spawn Jetmax
  • 625-555-0100 – Spawn NRG-900
  • 625-555-0150 – Spawn Sanchez
  • 227-555-0168 – Spawn Super GT
  • 227-555-0147 – Spawn Turismo
  • 276-555-2666 – Super Punch (exploding punches)
  • 625-555-3273 – Vader(Bike)
  • 486-555-0100 – Weapons (Advanced) (New Weapons)
  • 486-555-0150 – Weapons (Poor)

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