IDTE- ID3 Tag Editor


  • Allows Reading/Editing of WMA,FLAC,Lyrics,Vorbis,ID3,APE,MP4,WAV chunk Tags
  • Organise Music Folders and Libraries Based upon Tag Information
  • Jewel case cover art display in order to view the Cover art of a file in real-time tag editing
  • Embeded Music Player & Very Fast Tag Retriving Time Through Audiogenie.dll
  • Windows CMD For Advance Users in Order To Add Tags Themselves Using command line tool “Tag”
  • IDTE Online Search Make It Possible to Search Incomplete Tags with MuzicBrainz,Google etc.
  • Export Tag Information To Whatever Format You Want
  • More Playlists Options For Keeping Music Collection Always Arranged.
  • CUE,PLS,WPL And M3U Playlist Support
  • Wine Compatibility , For Linux Users
  • Just Install & Run , No External Settings Required
  • Support 40+ Various Lossy and Lossless formats for playback such as mp3,FLAC,ALAC,APE etc
  • Multiple GUI Options In Order to Fit For A Paricular Environment
  • Quick Pick Buttons For Fast Editing
  • Batch File Processing
  • More User Friendly
  • Supports Force ID3 Tag Editing To Any File
  • Fetch Lyrics From Internet (From A-Z Lyrics)
  • Can Be Used as a Simple Music Player with SFX Options
  • AutoScroll Lyrics Option (While Using IDTE as a Music player)


IDTE is a full featured tag editor which supports tagging of FLAC,APE,ID3V1.x/2.x,WAV CHUNKS,WMA,MP4 ATOMS,LYRICS,VORBIS Tags.
Not Just Only tag editing but ,it also allows the playback of 40+ various lossy and lossless Music formats such as FLAC,ALAC,OGG,APE,MP3 etc.
With its highly capability of editing tags and playback support ,It can rename files based on the tag information, export tag information, create playlists , Search for Incomplete Tags on Internet, Fetch Lyrics , Supports CUE Sheet , Can Process Multiple Files At Same Time ,Allows Batch File Processing , Supports SFX and Much More…

So Get Ready with the all new Features of IDTE.
New Release is V1.0.6

Estimated Worth For this Product appraised at 399.00
Your Cost: $Free$


The Coders/Programers of this product worked really hard for endless hours
to bring this Amazing product to the General Public for absolutely NO COST.

As a show of Patronage and appreciation we ask that you help us to continue to make these types of projects possible by filling one of our quick and easy Sponsor Forms it wont take but a few seconds.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated so congratulations this is your Good deed for the day

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  • TomM 1 hour ago Monday November 2017

    Thanks and 100% works. I will share it with my friends

  • Terminator! 1 hour ago Monday November 2017

    Good thing I found this site. Thank you

  • tinkerbell 2 hours ago Monday November 2017
    Well executed but I cannot move to next level. Works perfect for me
  • Vince 4 hours ago Monday November 2017
    I ve been looking for this for a long time. Very Good.
  • dansw4 5 hours ago Monday November 2017
    Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will buy you a bottle of beer for this.
  • Joe Schmo Sunday November 2017
    Damn great software!!!!!!!
  • Deb Sunday November 2017
    Good thing this is free! thanks anyway
  • Grumpppy Sunday November 2017
    What you see is what you get. I thought this is fake. Lolz
  • LJM Sunday November 2017
    This is epic! Cool
  • joanna Sunday November 2017
    Thanks. Works fine!


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