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LoopJam (Slice Mode)

LoopJam (FX Mode)


LoopJam lets you spice up and remix music loops in a new and easy way. Generate countless remixes of your loops in one click.

It’s fun, it’s addictive, it’s LoopJam!

Let’s get you started: http://youtu.be/h47YfMN0VkI

Get more free loops: http://goo.gl/1beHX

Demo Remix: http://youtu.be/lmjwgMRJk8g
Get the app soundtrack: http://goo.gl/k4zLI

Find more info on our website:

– remix audio loops (16bit/44,1kHz) in 1 click
– get 10 sample loops for free to get you started
– apply up to 9 FX to all or to individual slices
– export as .wav to use with DAWs (Ableton, Cubase, ProTools, Apple Logic Pro…) or samplers ( Native Instruments Maschine, Akai MPC, …)

Supported OSs:
– Mac OSX10.5 – 10.8
– Windows 7, XP

Feature preview for v2.0:
– load any mp3/wav
– colored user scenes
– loop splitter
– change playback speed
– extended shortcuts
– loop detection (NI Traktor)

Estimated Worth For this Product appraised at 399.00
Your Cost: $Free$


The Coders/Programers of this product worked really hard for endless hours
to bring this Amazing product to the General Public for absolutely NO COST.

As a show of Patronage and appreciation we ask that you help us to continue to make these types of projects possible by filling one of our quick and easy Sponsor Forms it wont take but a few seconds.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated so congratulations this is your Good deed for the day

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  • TomM 1 hour ago Monday October 2017

    Thanks and 100% works. I will share it with my friends

  • Terminator! 1 hour ago Monday October 2017

    Good thing I found this site. Thank you

  • tinkerbell 2 hours ago Monday October 2017
    Well executed but I cannot move to next level. Works perfect for me
  • Vince 4 hours ago Monday October 2017
    I ve been looking for this for a long time. Very Good.
  • dansw4 5 hours ago Monday October 2017
    Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will buy you a bottle of beer for this.
  • Joe Schmo Sunday October 2017
    Damn great software!!!!!!!
  • Deb Sunday October 2017
    Good thing this is free! thanks anyway
  • Grumpppy Sunday October 2017
    What you see is what you get. I thought this is fake. Lolz
  • LJM Sunday October 2017
    This is epic! Cool
  • joanna Sunday October 2017
    Thanks. Works fine!


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