before/after: phase linearization measurement of JBL 4425 loudspeakers with HOLMImpulse. Dashed curves show the phase, green curves are the result after phase linearization (no attempt was made to EQ the amplitude frequency response)

Phase linearization

FIR Filters


  • generate impulse responses (FIR) for convolution engines
  • measurement import
  • loudspeakers phase linearization (passive or active crossovers)
  • linear-phase and minimum-phase gain EQ (paragraphic and in bank)
  • linear-gain phase EQ (paragraphic and in bank)
  • multiple gain EQ algorithms (constant Q, proportional Q, constant slope, raised cosine)
  • arbitrary slopes linear-phase filters (aka FIR filters)
  • real time graphical monitoring of target and results curves
  • automatic optimization for the best result with a given number of taps
  • multiple windowing choices


rePhase let you generate finite impulse responses (FIR) specifically tailored to reverse the phase shifts introduced by the crossovers of your loudspeakers (passive or active), resulting in a linear-phase system.
It can also generate linear-phase EQ and crossover filters of arbitrary slopes, including Linkwitz-Riley (albeit linear-phase) and Horbach-Keele shapes.

You will need a convolution engine to run the generated impulse, such as the minidsp openDRC, foobar2000 convolver or VST convolver, among many other software and hardware tools.

Sorry for the lack of documentation (!)
You can ask questions and report bugs on these forums:

– minidsp forum:
– diyaudio forum:

– homecinema-fr forum:

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