Smelter Demon Dark Souls 2 Cheat

Smelter Demon in Dark Souls 2

Smelter Demon Dark Souls 2 Cheat

Smelter Demon is one of the Strongest Boss in Dark Souls 2. It has two separate parts in fighting it. And Every time you fought against it it goes stronger, first is when the flame on its chest errupts and the second is when his sword ignited with fire. Giving it more strenght and Magical power everytime you fight, giving you a Difficult time fighting against it. To Win the game and to help you defeat him you need to download the File Below, inside it was a cheat and a notepad with a lot of strategic plan in dealing with his moveset and techniques.

This Match will be hard and crutial due to his ability to be more stronger everytime you need to focus in fighting his magical powers and his speed. Tip The more you dodge his attacks the more you have the upper hand in winning the battle against it.


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